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ST. LOUIS (AP)  STING MEIt's the ugly but unavoidable side of football. Take a look at the major injuries of 2011.It might be a while before Rams quarterback Sam Bradford can work with newly acquired Brandon Lloyd.Bradford has a high left ankle sprain and is in a walking boot, leaving his status for this week's game at Dallas in question.''I think you are always concerned when you see your quarterback in a boot,'' Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said. ''In my experience with the high ankle sprains, you just never know.''Bradford was injured during winless St. Louis' 24-3 loss at Green Bay on Sunday, and Spagnuolo said he had a noticeable limp when he reported for a team meeting Monday afternoon.The only consolation for St. Louis (0-5) is Bradford's plant foot is his right one, which could help him get back on the field sooner.Backup A.J. Feeley likely will take the majority of the snaps with the first team when the Rams return to practice on Wednesday. The 34-year-old Feeley didn't get any game snaps last year and is 1 for 5 for 21 yards this year in mopup duty. The Rams likely will elevate Tim Brandstater from the practice squad.''Oh yeah, A.J. will be ready,'' Spagnuolo said. ''We'll be ready for any possible situation. That's why A.J. is here and I'm glad we've got him. He's been through this before.''There are two other injury concerns from the loss to the Packers, with offensive tackle Rodger Saffold (ankle bruise) and running back Cadillac Williams (thigh) scheduled to undergo MRI exams.Feeley, in his 11th season, said he's up for the challenge.''It's the nature of the game,'' Feeley said. ''Do I want to play? Yes. I've got that fire. I'm definitely excited about it.''Bradford was sacked 21 times in the first five games.Bradford or Feeley could have a new veteran receiver to throw to on Sunday.The Rams acquired Lloyd from the Denver Broncos in exchange for a 2012 sixth-round draft pick on Monday. They are hoping Lloyd can make an immediate impact given he's being reunited with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and playing in the same system.''There shouldn't be any kind of a learning curve,'' general manager Billy Devaney said. ''It's up to him and the coaches to see how quickly he gets out there.''Spagnuolo remembers Lloyd impacting the game plan in last year's game at Denver.''We had to be aware of where he was and change some things coverage-wise,'' Spagnuolo said. ''SJeremy Maclin Jersey Authentic , cheap nfl jerseys china, Joe Flacco Authentic Jersey, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, Lance Briggs Authentic Jersey, Titans Matt Hasselbeck Jersey, wholesale jerseys china, Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews Authentic Jersey, Leigh Bodden Authentic Jersey, Authentic Greg Jennings Jersey, Ray Lewis Authentic Jersey, Johnny Knox Authentic Jersey, Julius Peppers Jersey Authentic , LeSean McCoy Authentic Jersey, Authentic Devin McCourty Jerseyo that probably speaks volumes right there.''The Rams signed Mike Sims-Walker in free agency but he's been so unreliable that he was inactive Sunday. Danny Amendola, who led the team in receiving last year, is on injured reserve after dislocating his left elbow in the opener.So for the most part they've gone with a young crew that includes Brandon Gibson, Danario Alexander and rookies Greg Salas and Austin Pettis.Wide receiver Mark Clayton and defensive back Marquis Johnson, both coming off knee injuries, could return from the PUP list this week.''Those two guys have really worked their butts off, but you don't really know until you get into the real game,'' Spagnuolo said. ''The hard thing is going to be simulating that to find out where they're at.''Chris Chamberlain started ahead of free-agent pickup Ben Leber at outside linebacker against the Packers and Spagnuolo said he'll likely start again this week.


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LANDOVER, Md. - Only the painfully obvious problems that haveplagued their defensive teammates for the past month have kept themfrom their accustomed status as Primary Target of Eagles critics everywhere.They are Reason No. 1 why this team can't find the end zone froma yard out. They are why Michael Vick doesn't stand a chance ofseeing December from an upright position. Together, they compriseone of Andy Reid's greatest deficiencies as a personnel man,exceeded only by his terminal devaluation of the linebackerposition.No, all of that didn't suddenly change here Sunday afternoon atFedEx Field. But on a day that might have become another disasterfor their team, the Eagles' offensive linemen stood upand delivered a gut punch to what had all the earmarks of impendingdoom."We've still got a lot of things we can clean up,'' ToddHerremans said after Sunday's 20-13 rumble over the Redskins. "Iwouldn't call it a tide-turning win. It gets us in the win column.... This is what we've been expecting to do. Hopefully we can getit righted from here.''Certainly it appears they are moving in the right direction,after a day when they racked up 422 yards against a Washingtondefense that came in ranked sixth in the league (296.5), andwell-rested after a bye week. Also to their credit were just twosacks of Vick by a defense that had piled up 15 in its first fourgames.It's easy to say that those stats meant much less than theturnover column, since Rex Grossman spent three quarters hitting Eagles defensive backs in the handsbefore he was mercifully relieved by John Beck. But Herremans andhis colleagues had to face adversity even before kickoff.That's when Reid reached the decision that King Dunlap, slatedto replace injured starting left tackle Jason Peters for the secondstraight week, would sit out with back spasms. (When you're 6-9 and330, those are not small spasms).Dunlap's unavailability meant that Herremans, the line's leaderand a guy who already had moved from left guard to right tacklethis season, would now start at left tackle. And Winston Justice,who hadn't played a down this season while slowly recovering fromknee surgery in February, would step in at right tackle.Toss in rookies at center (Jason Kelce) and right guard (DannyWatkins), match them against a Washington pass rush led by BrianOrakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, and well ... you can imagine therest.Instead, they made it work."I'm just proud of how they all rallied,'' Reid said of hisgrunts. "They really didn't care who went in. They just played.That's really Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey, Authentic Danny Woodhead Jersey, wholesale jerseys china, Authentic Devin Hester Jersey, Redskins Brian Orakpo Jersey, Donald Brown Jersey, Brian Orakpo Jersey Authentic, Danny Woodhead Authentic Jersey, Authentic Asante Samuel Jersey, Authentic Aaron Rodgers Jersey, Asante Samuel Authentic Jersey, Authentic Donald Brown Jersey, wholesale nfl jerseys, Authentic Anquan Boldin Jersey, Anquan Boldin Authentic Jersey, Devin Hester Authentic Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, cheap nfl jerseys free shippingwhat they focused on.''Reid helped by calling a lot of three-step drops for Vick, alongwith a career-high 28 carries for the mercurial Shady McCoy (126yards rushing, TD). There was still too little red-zone traction -they had first downs at the Washington 9 and the 5 in the secondquarter, yet settled for field goals both times - but they killedthe last two minutes by calling McCoy's number, just the waywinning teams are expected to function."We should definitely be scoring more points in the secondhalf,'' Herremans correctly observed. "That's a little frustrating,that we didn't. But being able to go out and run the ball the waywe did at the end of the game was a positive as well.''Now they're heading into their own bye week, after which Reid'scareer record is a perfect 12-0. But they will need to remember thefrustration they felt again Sunday. They will need to maintain thefeeling of desperation that they brought here, knowing what a 1-5record (and 0-2 in the NFC East) would have meant. Since thecurrent playoff format was installed in 1990, nobody has reboundedfrom 1-5 to make the big dance.Working in their favor, meanwhile, is the knowledge that theirdivision is still wide open."No question, I still think we can win this division,'' Kelcesaid. "I don't think the division is out of reach by any stretch ofthe imagination. We've been getting better each and every week, andmore consistent each and every week.''That's a trend they'll need to continue, while hoping for alittle help from other places.jyoungTerms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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The Michigan grad (Harbaugh) outsmarted the Georgetown economics major (Schwartz).Sunday, Harbaugh changed the NFL narrative. The 49ers, not the Lions, are the feel-good story about a young coach making an impact, about an organization digging out from irrelevance. Harbaugh couldn’t contain his joy, need for attention and smugness, because his 49ers exposed Detroit despite playing their absolute worst game of the season.Harbaugh spent the entire day irate that he was going to lose to Schwartz because the 49ers couldn’t get out of their own way.San Fran committed 15 penalties. It felt like the crowd noise caused the Niners to false start at least once on every possession. Harbaugh drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for challenging an unchallengeable play. Quarterback Alex Smith was his normal, mediocre self. He fumbled on San Fran’s first possession. He threw a seemingly backbreaking interception. He panicked under pressure. He rarely threw downfield, averaging 3.9 yards per attempt.I’ve said for the past month, the Lions aren’t as good as their record or the hype. You can run on the Lions. Without ever fully committing to the run, the 49ers chewed up 203 yards on the ground.Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh isn’t as effective in Year 2 as I anticipated. Something is missing with Suh. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s a lack of gap discipline. Whatever, Suh isn’t the only problem. Quarterback Matt Stafford is a streaky passer. He’s a high-throwing Donovan McNabb. The Lions can be had, and it doesn’t necessarily take a great effort.The 49ers traveled to Ford Field and beat Detroit with their "D" game.Now do you understand why Hwholesale nfl jerseys, Dallas Clark Authentic Jersey, Authentic Dallas Clark Jersey, Authentic Brian Orakpo Jersey, wholesale jerseys from china, BenJarvus Green-Ellis Jersey Authentic , Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseys, Chris Johnson Authentic Jersey, Authentic Brian Urlacher Jersey, BenJarvus Green-Ellis Authentic Jersey, Brian Urlacher Authentic Jersey, Aaron Curry Authentic Jersey, Authentic Chris Johnson Jersey, Andre Johnson Authentic Jersey, Philadelphia Eagles Asante Samuel Authentic Jersey, Baltimore Ravens Anquan Boldin Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseys china, Brian Orakpo Authentic Jersey, Authentic Aaron Curry Jersey, Authentic Andre Johnson Jerseyarbaugh unleashed his inner Eddie Haskell? Harbaugh revealed a secret he knew the football media wouldn’t uncover until way too late (in his mind).The Lions are frauds. And maybe so is their hot-dogging, protocol-breaking coach. And maybe, just maybe, the Lions are frauds because of their hot-dogging, protocol-breaking coach. In Harbaugh’s mind, the Lions, unlike the 49ers, have the personnel to be legit.Harbaugh danced across the field wanting to throw all of this — and more — in Schwartz’s face. I don’t blame Schwartz for reacting and even overreacting. There was no reason for Schwartz to pretend he didn’t comprehend Harbaugh’s taunts. Schwartz is smart. He’s Harbaugh’s intellectual equal.The cliche “it takes one to know one” was invented to describe Harbaugh and Schwartz. Whatever Harbaugh thinks of Schwartz, the same is true of Harbaugh.

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JaVale McGee may not know a lot about the state of negotiationsbetween NBA players and owners, but he seems to be a quick studywhen it comes to crisis control.Say something stupid, as McGee did the other day when hesuggested some players were ready to give in to owners, and thefirst thing he did was deny the words ever came out of hismouth.''I never said anyone is ready to fold!'' McGee tweeted. ''Mediaalways wanna turn it!''Unfortunately for McGee, his words were recorded by about adozen reporters and no amount of denials will change them. Evenworse, they surely were heard in New York, where NBA CommissionerDavid Stern has been busy waging a one-man media blitz, blaming theNBA players' union for everything but world hunger.The real question, though, isn't whether Stern heard McGee. It'swhether the players are finally listening to Stern.His latest threat is an NBA season that doesn't begin untilafter Christmas, if at all. His latest deadline is Tuesday, whenowners and players are scheduled to meet with a federal mediatorwith almost zero chance of bridging the chasm between them.Bit by bit, Stern has upped the pressure. Bit by bit, he'stightened the screws.By now you would think players would have figured out he's notbluffing. Stern's willingness to quickly cancel the first two weeksof the regular season should have been a clue.This isn't a battle the players will end up winning, no matterhow united they turn out to be. Hardline owners have too muchinvested in the outcome, and know that there never will be a bettertime to take a stand.Even Dennis Rodman, the old basketball sage himself, seems tounderstand that.''I think the players should bow down,'' the retired All-Starsaid last week.Perhaps they should, before the premier Christmas games arecanceled, and before the entire season slips away. Take, say, halfof the $4 billion the NBA generates in basketball related revenueand save the drama for the last two minutes of the game.Accept the fact that the average NBA salary of $5.15 million isnot only quite fair, but extraordinarily generous. Play basketballagain instead of playing games. Understand, too, that this will notend like the NFL lockout because it's not just a fight overprofits. Stern and company want to make fundamental changes to aleague where the competitive balance has long been tilted andthey're determined that this is the time to take a stand.Despite what the players might believe, that's not all bad. Notwhen they can keep guaranteed contracts that NFL players only dreamabout, and not when the initial financial hit would likely be easedby growing revenues.Until now, the union has taken a hard line in the negotiations,budging only a bit on the current 57 percent guarantee ofbasketball revenue to players and refusing to accept a hardspending cap. Owners, meanwhile, haven't budged much, either. Theydo what owners usually do in contract talks - stall until theemployees start showing signs of cracking.McGee's comment coming out of a player meeting in Beverly Hillswas the first sign that might be happening. And that could be areal problem for a union that is finding it hard to muster muchpublic support for its cause.Dwyane Wade acknowledged as much on Friday in an interview withThe Associated Press, saying that owners have sold their case tofans, while players haven't.''That's what the NBA has done, they've done a great job ofcomplaining,'' Wade said. ''We haven't done a great job of that sono one sees our side. They more so see the owners' side.''That may be because no one is sure what great cause the playersare trying to advance other than keecheap nfl jerseys china, Ray Lewis Jersey, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, DeSean Jackson Jersey Authentic , Lance Briggs Jersey, wholesale jerseys china, Chad Ochocinco Jersey Authentic , Texans Andre Johnson Jersey, Green Bay Packers Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey, Kenny Britt Jersey , Redskins DeAngelo Hall Authentic Jersey, Colts Donald Brown Jersey, Seahawks Aaron Curry Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseysping a status quo that has madethem the best paid athletes on average in American team sports. Theplayers have yet to make a compelling case for themselves otherthan they don't want to give back gains from previousnegotiations.Yes, the owners drove this lockout, then tried to force theissue by canceling the first two weeks of the season. If there'snot significant progress on Tuesday, expect them to vote inmeetings later in the week to bid farewell to even more of theseason.Stern warned last week that the longer the dispute plays out,the worse the offers could get. Negotiating bluster, maybe, but sofar he's followed through on every threat he's made.Players need to understand their leverage is slipping. Mostly,though, they need to understand this:America couldn't live without the NFL. But America can livewithout the NBA.----Tim Dahlberg is a national sports columnist for The

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ST. LOUIS AP - Prosecutors have filed a felony weapons charge against former NBA player Darius Miles for allegedly trying to take a loaded handgun through security at a St. Louis airport two months ago.St. Louis County prosecutors charged Miles on Friday with the unlawful use of a weapon, which carries a maximum four-year prison term, for allegedly trying to pass through Lambert Airport security with the gun in his carry-on bag on Aug. 3.Miles, 29, arrived at St. Louis County jail on Monday and posted 10 percent of his 15,000 bond before leaving, a jail official said.There is no phone number listed for Miles' home in the St. Louis suburb of Swansea, Ill., and he could not immediately be reached Wednesday for comment. His attorney, Scott Rosenblum, did not respond to phone messages Wednesday seeking comment.The TSA said that passengers can carry firearms, parts and ammunition on airplanes, but only in checked bags. The weapons must be unloaded and packed in a hard-sided container, and declared to the airline during the counter check-in process. The agency also urges passengers to contact their airline for its firearm and ammunition policies.Miles, who last played in the NBA with the MemJeremy Maclin Jersey, Matt Hasselbeck Jersey Authentic , Authentic Johnny Knox Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, Authentic Ed Reed Jersey, Redskins Clinton Portis Jersey, Seahawks Earl Thomas Jersey, Texans Brian Cushing Authentic Jersey, Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys china, cheap nfl jerseys china, wholesale jerseys china, Colts Dwight Freeney Authentic Jersey, New England Patriots Albert Haynesworth Authentic Jerseyphis Grizzlies during the 2008-09 season, has been in trouble before. He was arrested in May 2009 after Fairview Heights, Ill., police said they found a small amount of marijuana after Miles was pulled over for a turn signal violation. He was also ticketed for driving with a suspended license.The drug charge was dismissed in May 2011 after Miles completed a drug education course, according to online court records. He pleaded guilty in December 2010 to the driving-while-suspended charge and was placed under court supervision for one year and assessed 1,000 in fines and court costs.Miles was suspended for 10 games during his only season with the Grizzlies for violating the NBA's substance abuse policy.Miles was the third overall pick in the 2000 NBA draft, joining the Los Angeles Clippers after a standout high school career in East St. Louis, Ill. The 6-foot-9 forward played for four teams during his eight seasons in the league, including the Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 446 career games, he averaged 10.1 points and 4.9 rebounds.

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The Brewers have had decent successagainst Carpenter, the NL Cy Young Award winner in 2005. Carpenteris 6-6 with a 4.58 ERA in 15 career starts against Milwaukee and infour starts this season he went 2-2 with a 3.86 ERA."It's going to be an exciting game," Carpenter said. "It's goingto be a great atmosphere, I'm sure, here in St. Louis, like italways is, especially at this time of the year."We have been competing against these guys all year. It's been atough battle back and forth."Of course, there has been plenty of back and forth between the Brewers and Carpenter.In September, the Brewers' Nyjer Morgan got in acelebrated shouting match with Carpenter and then at the start ofthe NLCS, Milwaukee pitcher Zack Greinke commented that none of theBrewers like Carpenter, saying thatthey thought he was "phony."But both sides were downplaying thatcircus on Tuesday."I don't worry about too much what's being said,"Roenicke said. "You guys know Zack, and you know what he's going tosay when you ask questions. It's no big deal. There's a lot madeout of it that really isn't there."Carpenter said he's learned how to dismiss such supposeddistractions."Every year, and every round of the playoffs, there'sdistractions all around, all kinds of different things," he said."If you can't eliminate those on your day, you're going to have adifficult time. It can go from family stuff, clubhouse stuff,opponents, friendships, whatever it is; if you can't eliminate thaton your day, you're going to have extra trouble."Ryan Braun agreed that this is no time to get caught up in suchsilliness."There's so much at stake, I don't think either team wants toget caught up in the drama," Braun said. "It makes a good story;it's good for you guys. Both teams are three games away from theWorld Series; that's what they're going to focus on."And with so much of the focus on the starting pitchers, eachteam is confident it has the man for the job."Yo has been our best guy," Brewers outfielder Corey Hart said."He loves being in these situations. It's our guy against theirguy. Both are best guys."GALLARDO VS. THE CardinalsDate Site Score IP H ER BB SOSept.6 St.Louis Cardinals 4, Brewers 2 6 4 3 3 5Sept.1 Milwaukee Cardinals 8, Brewers 4 4 2? 3 9 8 1 8Aug.11 St.Louis Cardinals 5, Brewers 2 5 7 4 1 3May7 St.Louis Brewers 4, Cardinals 0 8 1 0 46CARPENTER VS. THE BrewersDate Site Score IP H ER BB SOSept.7 St.Louis Cardinals 2, Brewers 0 9 4 0 2 5Aug.11 St.Louis Cardinals 5, Brewers 2 8 10 2 3 4Aug.1 Milwaukee Brewers 6 ,Cardinals 2 5 7 5 26June11 Milwaukee Brewers 5, Cardinals 3 Jay Cutler Authentic Jersey, DeSean Jackson Authentic Jersey, Ed Reed Authentic Jersey, Titans Kenny Britt Jersey , Arian Foster Authentic Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, Redskins Chris Cooley Jersey, Dwight Freeney Authentic Jersey, Authentic Aaron Curry Jersey, Charles Woodson Jersey Authentic , cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, Titans Jake Locker Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys china, Lofa Tatupu Jersey Authentic, Deion Branch Authentic Jersey, Brian Cushing Jersey Authentic

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There are upgrades that must be made.So what should that change about the expectations for 2012?Not a thing.Next year, the Phillies will be coming out ofspring training with the same expectation: to win the WorldSeries.Why should it be different?Obviously, the sting of the NLDS loss is the freshest thing ineveryone's mind, but this team did win 102 games.No, that does not limit the disappointment or somehow make it asuccessful season. This team was supposed to win the World Seriesand didn't. Nothing can change that.But that doesn't mean the opportunity to win a championship isgone.This wasn't a one-shot deal.The fortunes of this team were hitched to a dynamite startingrotation.Even if the option on Oswalt's contract is not picked up,Halladay, Lee and Hamels still give the rotation a top three thatevery team will envy."Our pitching was even better than what I thought it would be,"Manuel said. "Pitching covered over some of our mistakes."The offense obviously will be the issue - just as it has beenthe last 2 years. Age and/or injury resulted in the decline of thecore of this batting order."We're talking about guys anywhere from 31 to 34 years old,"Manuel said. "That's at the backside of their career, but stillnear the top of what their production should be."Being healthy and being on the field is going to take care of alot of things."I can't get with the notion offered by Amaro and Manuel threwout that, "if healthy," guys such as Chase Utley, Shane Victorino,Placido Polanco and even Ryan Howard can be .300 hitters againbecause they have been in the past.I don't think you can talk lifelong free swingers into suddenlybecoming cerebral at the plate.Still, this team didn't win all of those 102 games by scores of2-1 or 1-0.Up until that Game 5 loss to St. Louis, the formula the Phillies developed for winning theWorld Series worked.Some upgrades are needed, but the basic plan still will be inplace next season."Absolutely not," Manuel said when asked whether theexpectations for 2012 should be lowered. "That's the way I likeit."When we go to spring training, what we will be talking about isgetting to the World Series and win."Send email tosmallwj@phillynews.com.For recent columns, go towww.philly.com/Smallwood.Terms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, Redskins Brian Orakpo Jersey, Danny Woodhead Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseys china, Devin Hester Authentic Jersey, Authentic Asante Samuel Jersey, Authentic Danny Woodhead Jersey, Anquan Boldin Authentic Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, wholesale nfl jerseys, Asante Samuel Authentic Jersey, Brian Orakpo Jersey Authentic, Authentic Donald Brown Jersey, Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey, Donald Brown Jersey, Authentic Devin Hester Jersey, Authentic Anquan Boldin Jersey, Authentic Aaron Rodgers Jersey

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ETThe Braves fashioned a collapse of epicproportions. Through five games, the Falcons have been a dampsquib. Yet again, we in Atlanta have cause to wring our hands. Thistime, however, we have company.We have Philadelphia.With a string of division titles but only one World Seriescoronation, the Phillies have become the Braves of not-so-distant vintage.The Eagles are learning what it is to be dazzled by the potentialinherent in Michael Vick only to be disappointed in theresults.I mean this not in a gloating way --- can't really gloat if yourteams aren't winning anything themselves --- but as a form ofsympathy. Philly, we Atlantans have been there, done that and havethe replica jerseys to prove it.The Phillies swept the Braves to begin the historic skidand again to conclude it, and over those final three nights thethought occurred: Did the Phils really want to play St. Louis inRound 1? Had the Braves taken the wild card, Phillywould have been paired against Arizona, the least imposing of theNational League qualifiers. By beating the Braves so often, the Phillies chosethe instrument of their demise.They got Albert Pujols, Chris Carpenter, Lance Berkman and,yeah, Tony La Russa. They were eliminated in an excruciating Game5, in which Rafael Furcal, a former Brave, led off with a tripleagainst Roy Halladay and scored the only run. It marked the thirdtime in postseason history that a winner-take-all game finished1-0. Not surprisingly, the Braves lost one of those: InMinneapolis in 1991.The Phillies have won five consecutive NL East titles. Sincetaking the 2008 World Series, they've been eliminated a roundsooner every year. The past two seasons they've been ousted athome. They have a ways to go to match the Braves' 14 division titles with onlyone championship and that deflating span from 1997 through 2004 inwhich the Braves were eliminated at TurnerField every year but one, but still ... this is cut from thattattered cloth.The Phillies would seem to have it all, same as the Braves of the '90s did: Greatpitching, stellar everyday players, a top-class manager and theresources to buy what's needed. But playoff baseball, as we herelearned too well, defies prediction. The best team doesn't alwayswin. The Phillies were the best team over 162 games last season andthis, and they wound up the same way as the 1993 Braves, who won 104 games only tobe ousted by the Phillies, and the '98 team, which won 106.As for the Eagles: They loved what Vick did for them last seasonand handed him a new contract worth $100 million over six seasons.If this sounds familiar, there's a reason. As Vick was leading theFalcons to Aaron Curry Authentic Jersey, Authentic Andre Johnson Jersey, Brian Orakpo Authentic Jersey, Brian Urlacher Authentic Jersey, Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Authentic Jersey, Baltimore Ravens Anquan Boldin Authentic Jersey, Andre Johnson Authentic Jersey, Authentic Chris Johnson Jersey, Chris Johnson Authentic Jersey, wholesale nfl jerseys, Authentic Brian Orakpo Jersey, BenJarvus Green-Ellis Jersey Authentic , Dallas Clark Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseys china, Authentic Brian Urlacher Jersey, Philadelphia Eagles Asante Samuel Authentic Jersey, BenJarvus Green-Ellis Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseys, wholesale jerseys from china, Authentic Dallas Clark Jersey, Authentic Aaron Curry Jersey

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but stayed there as Beckett retired the next three batters.The Rays had runners at first andsecond with two out in the fifth when Jennings singled, stolesecond and, after B.J. Upton was called out on strikes (more onthat in a minute), Longoria was walked intentionally. But CaseyKotchman grounded out to second.Damon singled to start the sixth inning and stole second andthird, but was stranded when Beckett again retired the next three.He got John Jaso looking at a called third strike.That was enough for Rays manager Joe Maddon, whostopped Upton from arguing the inning before with home plate umpireHunter Wendelstedt, came out of the dugout to complain aboutWendelstedt's strike zone, spreading his arms to indicate it waswide.Maddon was ejected.Beckett left after allowing three hits and three runs (twoearned) in six innings. The ankle, apparently, was OK.He left with the lead, though, because Ortiz doubled homePedroia in the third inning and Mike Aviles, who killed one Red Soxrally by bunting into the unusual 5-6-4 double play, homered in thefourth inning off the Sports Authority sign above the GreenMonster.Those four runs allowed by Shields exceeded by one the total heallowed in his four previous starts combined.The Rays stole six bases off Bostoncatcher Jason Varitek -- three by Damon, two by Jennings and one byKotchman.Damon's third steal gave him 18 for the season, which at thetime was one more than Carl Crawford. Crawford stole a base in thesixth inning to pull even with Damon.Daniel Bard, who picked up the loss in his previous threeoutings, walked Ben Zobrist but struck out three in the eighthinning to turn things over to Jonathon Papelbon in the ninth.The Rays sent Dan Johnson up topinch-hit for Reid Brignac, hoping to recapture a little September2008 magic.Rays fans remember Johnson's tyinghome run off Papelbon in the ninth inning on Sept. 9.It didn't work.Johnson struck out on three pitches.Papelbon also got Jennings swinging.Upton kept the Rays' hopes alive when he singledto right field and then stole second.But Papelbon struck out Longoria to end the game, giving anexaggerated fist pump as the Fenway Park crowd exploded.rmooney@tampatrib.com(813) 259-7227Photo credit: GETTY IMAGESPhoto: Joe Maddon didn't think very highly of plate umpireHunter Wendelstedt's strike zone Friday and let him know aboutit.Copyright © 2011, The Tampa Tribune and may not berepublished without permission. E-mail library@tampatrib.comTerms & Conditions |Privacy |Copyright |? 2009 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.Kenny Britt Jersey , Chad Ochocinco Jersey Authentic , Redskins DeAngelo Hall Authentic Jersey, Lance Briggs Jersey, Green Bay Packers Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey, DeSean Jackson Jersey Authentic , wholesale jerseys china, Seahawks Aaron Curry Authentic Jersey, wholesale jerseys, cheap nfl jerseys china, Ray Lewis Jersey, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, Texans Andre Johnson Jersey, Colts Donald Brown Jersey

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.Of course, there used to be a much different drumbeat in the oldStadium. The past-era Yankees had a ferocious trait thatcouldn't be quantified. It was an intangible expectation of victory- even if that very term now is politically incorrect amongbaseball's intelligentsia. Girardi, who was part of thechampionship run from 1996-2000, is so brainwashed he suggestedthose four rings were influenced, in part, by luck. Try runningthat by Tino Martinez, Paul O'Neill and David Cone.But that's how the present-day Yankee family is making peace withtheir collapse against the Tigers - it was the wrong time, thewrong set of circumstances, just the wrong karma. Girardi made aspecific reference to the seventh-inning non-rally that ultimatelysank the Bombers in Game 5 - the bases-loaded, one-out uprisingthat netted them only one lonely run on Teixeira's walk."All we needed was one sacrifice fly," Girardi said, and thescore would've been tied.But the breakthrough moment never materialized: A-Rod andSwisher struck out badly, and the Yankees were ready for pitchers andcatchers. Naturally, Girardi said he wouldn't have done anythingdifferently, although the seeds of disappointment were scatteredthroughout the summer.Even though the Yankees led the American League inruns in the second half, their average with two outs and runners inscoring position was .225, or nine points below the AL average.Similarly, the Yankees batted .221, or 21 pointslower than the rest of the league, in situations considered closeand late - after the sixth inning, within one run.That would explain why the Yankees were just 4-49 whentrailing after the seventh inning, and 2-50 when down after eight.Is that all because of bad luck, or can it be traced to a killerinstinct that never was honed?Those are the questions Girardi should've been thinking about ifhe was open-minded enough. Instead, he waited too long to switchTeixeira and Robinson Cano in the lineup, and did nothing about theorder in the division series, when it was obvious a change wasnecessary.Brett Gardner was wasted in the No. 9 spot. Swisher wasoutperformed by Jorge Posada, but they were not flip-flopped in theNos. 6 and 7 slots. And A-Rod was cemented into the cleanup spot,even though any talent evaluator could sense his anxiety.Give Girardi credit for being flexible with his startingrotation in the division series. And he was willing to call anaudible with his bullpen, too. But Girardi is missing an importantlesson if he thinks it was just bad luck that took down the 2011season.Terms & Conditions |Privacy New England Patriots Albert Haynesworth Authentic Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys china, Authentic Johnny Knox Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys china, Redskins Clinton Portis Jersey, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping, Matt Hasselbeck Jersey Authentic , cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, Seahawks Earl Thomas Jersey, Texans Brian Cushing Authentic Jersey, Authentic Ed Reed Jersey, Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, Colts Dwight Freeney Authentic Jersey, Jeremy Maclin Jersey, wholesale jerseys china

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